Brian Spark

Production Coordinator

Brian is the owner and lead production coordinator of Tayside Productions. He runs the show behind the scenes. Possessing strong leadership skills, Brian is equally comfortable operating camera, running the mixing board, video switching or controlling the show lights.


J.R. Warrington

Broadcast Technician

J.R. has been on the Tayside Team for several years. He is Brian’s go-to guy for all things technical. J.R. works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure things go smoothly. If a client needs something done quickly and efficiently, rest assured that J.R. is on the case.

Audrey Hagen

Event Planner

Audrey Hagen of Platinum Events is, hands-down, the finest event planner in the world. Tayside Productions is thrilled to have Audrey on it’s team of event professionals. If Brian Spark is the engine that powers Tayside Productions, Audrey Hagen is the precision driver who steers the production exactly where it needs to go.

Making clients happy is our goal.

We take our events seriously, so you don’t have to.

Tayside Productions knows that your event is an extension of yourself. As such, you only have one chance to make a good impression on your audience. We go to great lengths to ensure that everything runs smoothly for your event because we know that first impressions are everlasting. When you hire Tayside Productions, you’re getting an entire team of AV Professionals whose sole desire is to put on the best event possible.

If you produce an event, Brian is the guy you want to have to make sure everything runs smoothly. When Tayside Productions is here, I know that I won’t have a thing to worry about.

Tom Antion


Tayside Productions prides itself on it’s ability to work together with it’s clients, resulting in long-lasting business relationships . We are often able to anticipate what our clients need, even before they know it themselves. Since we own all our own gear, we don’t have to rely on video equipment rental houses to produce your event. This means we are able to give you a better price while also speeding up the setup process!

Of course, all the gear in the world won’t make a good event unless there are trained professionals to operate it. Tayside Productions maintains relationships with AV technicians around the country. This means that, no matter where we travel to, you’ll always have top quality crew members working on your event.

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