Tayside Productions has been operating out of Scottsdale, Arizona for over a decade. The company was founded by Brian Spark back in 1999. Brian’s video production career was born when he started learning all the different aspects of live event production from the video producers at Chevron. In fact, it was a co-worker at Chevron who saw Brian’s passion for video production and suggested that he should branch out into starting his own production company. Less than 6 months later, Tayside Productions was born.


Since it’s founding, Brian has added several quality team members to the Tayside Production staff. With a background in corporate video production, he knows exactly how to deliver events that will amaze clients. When not producing fantastic events for amazing clients, Brian is also an avid soccer player. And, although he’d probably rather forget all about it, he was a stand-up comic with the “Clean Comedy Company” for about 8 months many years ago.


When asked what he loves best about producing events for clients, Brian replied that he loves the satisfaction he gets from astounding his clients. He also enjoys the diversity that event production brings. Traveling to new cities and meeting new people is a wonderful experience and Brian feels privileged to provide his clients with the perfect event.

In 2009 he worked together on an event with Audrey Hagen and her Event Management company, Platinum Events. Struck by Audrey’s amazing abilities to manage large scale events, Brian decided that this was a woman worth working with. Audrey was quick to realize Tayside Productions’ quality work and the two companies teamed up to conquer the event production world. Brian and Audrey loved working together so much that they fell in love and got married in November 2015. Now you have access to the premier Event Planner in the industry who can negotiate all of your hotel contracts and provide onsite staff for your event as well as Tayside Productions to run all of your event Audio/Visual. Truly a match made in heaven! 
LA Davis is also part of the Platinum Events Team. She assists with setting up every event and is integral to ensuring that things are progressing as they should. When she’s not assisting Audrey, LA can easily be spotted at a Tayside event; just look for the cute girl with the big camera. (LA takes all the production stills of all Tayside Productions events. All of which are viewable at the Tayside Productions Flickr account).
JR Warrington joined the team early in 2009 when he and Brian worked a gig in San Diego. Since then, JR has shown an incredible ability for both physically laying out the event and running audio at the back of the house. When he’s not busy working the mixing board, JR is also one of our cameraman, so be sure to keep an eye out for him when you’re up on stage.

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