23 Apr2011

New Client Promo Offer

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Tayside Productions loves meeting new clients! As a special offer for all first-time clients,we are offering 20 percent off the entire cost of your event! Since we are a full service event production company who can handle every aspect of your event for you, that means you can save a substantial amount of money by giving Tayside Productions a try.


You can use that 20% savings to help offset the cost of your event venue rental. Or you can use the extra savings to hire an extra camera operator for a 2 camera shoot, splurge on dazzling lighting effects, increase your production values by adding a few extra projectors and screens or create an entirely new breakout room for additional presenters. The possibilities are limitless and we are happy to help you figure out exactly what you need.

We at Tayside Productions are well aware that our company is only as good as the clients we work with. As such, we always make it a point to have a conversation with our new clients before discussing any business matters. From the moment you contract Tayside for your event, you’ll be able to able to rest easy knowing that your production is in the hands of the best in the industry.


To redeem your 20% off deal, simply contact us with your event details and mention that you would like the New Client Promo. We look forward to working with you.


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