28 Feb2010

Recent Events: Move People To Action

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Tayside Productions has long been the event producer for Wendy Lipton-Dibner’s world renowned Move People To Action event. This event is held at the Sheraton in Stamford, Connecticut and is always well attended. Tayside Productions is in charge of all the Audio Visual aspects of the show including providing screens, projectors, HD cameras, audio and lighting.

Before we even show up at the venue for our Move People To Action show, Tayside Production is already planning out the lighting and projection setup using floorplans provided by the hotel. This pre-planning will help us to acurately determine the proper gear to bring for each event. In addition, it also saves money for the client by ensuring that we don’t bring any gear that will end up being unnecessary. We also work closely with event coordinator extraordinaire Audrey Hagen to ensure that there is ample seating for all attendees.

Move People To Action typically has between 200 – 300 attendees which completely fills the ballroom. Tayside Productions makes sure that each of these attendees has the best seat in the house, no matter where they’re sitting. We set up multiple lighting fixtures at the back of the house to properly light all presenters on stage. We also offer presenters with an option of wireless lavalier microphones, dual headset┬áCountryman H6 mics or the old standby, the handheld mic. Since most presenters on-stage will have a powerpoint presentation to accompany their presentation, we also set up projectors and screens as dictated by the amount of attendees.

When the event goes live, Tayside Productions presence is never felt on the floor. We work hard to be as unobtrusive as possible, while also anticipating any issues before they come up. If the event goes well and nobody even notices the work we did, we feel that we have done our job. As with so many behind-the-scenes jobs, the highest compliment is to go completely unnoticed by the audience.

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